About me

I am an Italian illustrator with several years of experience as a brand designer in top-winning agencies in Zurich, Barcelona and Milan.

I do illustrations, but I also offer my creativity during all the phases of the design process: from the definition an illustration style to its realisation.

I work on a wide range of projects like branding, editorial, packaging, wayfinding and decoration.

Based in Zurich, I am fluent in german, english, italian and spanish.

Lucia Pigliapochi

+ 41 78 647 28 56



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Edelweiss Air (Lufthansa Group), Migros, Migusto, Credit Suisse, Zürcher Kantonalbank, Global Green, Casa Gracia Hostel, LMVZ, Process AG, The Style Outlets (Neinver), Zeri Craft, Wemories, Zotea among others.


  • - Born in Como, Italy
  • - Master of Science in Communication Design, Politecnico di Milano
  • - Further Education, Libros de Artista, Escola Massana Permanent
  • - 9 years experience as a Brand Designer together with Process Zurich, Mayùscula Brands, Time Out Barcelona, La Tipa among others.