Creatives Workshops

Being passionate about sociocultural work, we organise printing workshops for adults and kids, together with a professional team. The outcome is a creative platform, which brings people into dialogue with each other and gives them the space to experiment with unconventional tools and sizes.

Wir machen Druck, Creative Workshop

In the neighbourhood of Zurich-Grünau we have been working on the visualisation of traffic noise printing with unconventional materials. Equipped with a mobile workshop, our goal was to become the meeting point for the local people, the community center and the neighbourhood association.

Wir machen druck is Andrea Noti (graphic designer), Corinne Jäggi (theater pedagogist and sociocultural worker), Nora Howald (art educator und sociocultural worker) and Ralf Stiefel (pedagogist).

Lucia Pigliapochi - Titolo + descrizione

The workshop as a meeting point in the neighbourhood.

Lucia Pigliapochi - Titolo + descrizione

Unconventional tools related to the topic traffic noise were available,
together with letter sets.

Lucia Pigliapochi - Titolo + descrizione

Some results of the workshop.

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